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Deep Simulator, 2021

A Meta Game
*Fire Dragon Stone* dominates your life in the cave, which is what you call the ‘living’ stage. If you wish to have stronger free will and creativity, you may consider activating it. 

*Samashroom* can be your assistant of meditation. It can change or expand your view of love. If you are willing to experience it, you may consider taking it. 

*Floating Wileys* is the guide of dreams. If you are interested in exploring ad controlling dreams, you may consider following it. However, I must remind you that the Floating Wileys is not stable, and it might lead you into the vortex of dreams and lose your lucidity. 

*Crown Straw* is the ‘survival kit’ for surpassing fear when you are close to death. If you often encounter death-related events in your life, you may consider applying them. 

*The White Glove*is the king of illusion who reveals all illusions. If you are interested in art, you may consider wearing it. 

As for us, *Totem* is known as the most powerful ‘experience container’. There are countless magical instruments available for you to rediscover, play and experiment again and again. Our only flaw is that the container is fragile and breakable.