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The Zizi Show

Drag Queens, Drag Kings, Drag Things and Artificial Intelligence…
The Zizi Show is a deepfake drag cabaret, a virtual online stage hosting a groundbreaking new show with a twist. It features acts that have been constructed using deepfake technology, learning how to do drag by watching a diverse group of human performers. The bodies in the show have been generated by neural networks trained on a community of drag artists who were filmed to create training datasets at a London cabaret venue closed during COVID-19.

The Zizi Show dissects one of the dominant myths about AI, the notion that ‘an AI’ is a thing we might mistake for a person. The Zizi Show constructs and then deconstructs a virtual cabaret that pushes the limits of what can be imagined on a digital stage.

Jake Elwes – Me – Alexander Hill – Toby Elwes – Charlie Baker – The Apple Tree 

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