WARP Technopolis

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Janine Zielman
Graduated from ArtEz Arnhem

3NCRYPT ME, 2021

3NCRYPT ME is an installation that exposes the algorithmic injustices and inconsistencies of face recognition software.

To be able to hide from face recognition and also to help expose how it works, you can participate in the 3NCRYPT ME installation. It uses existing face recognition software to track your emotion, face data, age and gender. After this data is collected, your personal mask is created and stored into one big database. Giving you an overview of how face recognition responds to different people and their behaviour.

While this database shows the uncanniness of keeping such a database, it also allows you to download your own personal mask. A mask you will be able to use anywhere online, even during your video meetings. Once this mask is activated, face recognition will not be able to recognise you anymore.