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Jenny Rodenhouse

Working From Home (WFH)

by: Live-ish

Live streaming has turned the home into a digital platform. Open 24/7 for the non seasonal internet, a broadcaster’s home, interior life, and body have evolved into an interactive display that plays host to strangers — both human and machine — to author their own version of reality upon it.

Live-ish presents Episode 6, Working From Home, a collection of human and machine authored live streams for the supervised-televised-domesticized laborer. Collapsing multiple streams onto one another, the on-camera show is a competitive-esporting-catastrophe that runs on just mere presence — a human or object (it’ll take what it can get, even a circle will do). Launch Working From Home and host everyone’s favorite work like, sports, eating, cars, sleeping, and more!

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Live-ish is a digital publication of design research that explores how live streaming media has crafted an emergent “livestyle;” a way of living within the world that has become increasingly influenced by our 24/7 screen-based interfaces. Developed as a media category in the 1990s, the term “lifestyle” was popularized by Martha Stewart books, magazines, TV shows, recipes, home decor, fashion, advice… Today we purchase “experiences”: all-encompassing 24/7 games-shows-exhibitions-bodies-events that are found, activated, watched, played, shared, tracked, unedited, favorited, followed, friended, designed by “user experience” (UX) designers, and all initiated by the screen.


Stream Guide:
Episode 6 by: Jenny Rodenhouse.

Featuring work by: Matt Adams, Amor Bizzarro, David J. Chan, Maxwell Chen, Adit Dhanushkodi, Anthony Espino, Cyrus Ghahremani, Ben Hooker, Sizhe Huang, Keda Jiang, Nanyi Jiang, Miranda Jin, Lizzie Klein, Keisuke Kuniyoshi, Soo Jin Lee, Jarret Lin, Ziru Ling, Susie Moon, Jenny Rodenhouse, Siladityaa Sharma, Tongxin Sun, Jingyi Wang, Nicole Wang