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Joep Truijen’s work is, among other things, based around reflecting our self-image. Using mostly interactive installations as his medium he creates a space where we can confront and/or reflect our values about this self-image.

As Joep Truijen’s expertise in 3d computer-generated imagery came to grow he has started to fall for unconventional ways of creating within this 3d space. As so he shuffled around with some of the conventional processes of creating 3d textures for characters making him into an almost Dr. Frankenstein-like creator of this character.

For this work, Truijen has looked at the character’s blank image texture as a classical blank canvas and the images, collected on the internet, were used as paint to build and layer up its composition from top to bottom. The images of skin that were used consist of tattoo images as their search results provide high-resolution imagery with specific body parts with large sections of naked and tattooed skin.