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Kübra Doğan

Google Joris Demmink

Joris Demmink is accused of raping two Turkish men when they were minors. This allegedly took place in Turkey in the 1990s. Why has this accusation not been investigated and he has never been prosecuted? Is there not enough evidence to prosecute? Do judges not want to hear the case based on a conflict of interest? Or are our top officials untouchable elites of society? How is it possible that there is no investigation of Joris Demmink in the Netherlands?

The Secretary-General of Security and Justice, the highest official above judges and police. In his position of power, no indictment was heard. Many people scream out loud: “raped little boys for years”. When this case comes to light, the whole house of cards collapses. Google Joris Demmink, enjoy watching!

Kübra Doğan (23) is a Dutch-Turkish artistic filmmaker and media designer, her work predominantly focuses on self-exploration and expression. Notions of identity, ethnicity, social injustice, mental health, racism, feminism, and activism all relate to her practice and research. She is currently studying Moving Image at Aki Artez in Enschede.