WARP Technopolis

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Queer embodiment: a VR speculative body experience

Queer embodiment: a VR speculative body experience, presents interspecies digital avatars as the conceptual center of the virtual queerness, i.e., the presentation of a speculative body projection through which non-normative genders and desires are and have been historically understood.

Through the use of Virtual Reality as an immersive medium to explore these acts of embodiment, we will reconsider the medical, scientific, and philosophical discourse on body fluidity underlying contemporary understandings of sexed selfhood in order to understand gender anew as a process of becoming that exceeds restrictive binary logic.

This artwork is part of the prologue of Filters, Masks & identities, a research project commissioned by The Overkill, for their coming edition of the festival “Collective Masquerade”.

Filters, Masks & identities is co-curated by Aynouk Tan and Manique Hendriks.