12:00 – 15:00

NO NEED TO SIGN UP! Just make sure you arrive at the workshop area at 12:00. 
The workshop is located in the Basement. (Check the map in the menu)

Terence Baier

NFT Workshop

NFTs are about to take over the world!

NOTE: A valid ticket for the GOGBOT Festival is needed; workshops are (freely) acessible for festival attendees only.

In this hands-on workshop NFT-Artist Terence Baier will explain what an NFT is, what it is used for and against what it is traded. He will explain the difference between single edition artworks created by artists and collectibles projects of small groups of people/startups. We
will look into the future vision of NFTs, broad-based use and normalization in society. We will highlight various marketplaces that can be traded on, such as OpenSea.

In this workshop we will get started with creating, minting and selling of personal work. And we will take time to also purchase work from an artist or from each other. In the evening, join us for a live discussion and live auction of the works minted during the workshop!