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Vibrissae are the stiff hairs on the face or nostrils of an animal, such as the whiskers of a cat,  the hairlike feathers around the bill, and the eyes of insect-feeding birds, the paired bristles near the mouth of certain flies, or the sensitive hairs of insectivorous plants. 

Vibrissae often act as tactile organs. 

In her project for Filters, masks & identities, Sandrine Deumier is wondering how the face could have another function, playing with our expressive and receptive senses.

This artwork is part of the prologue of “Filters, Masks & identities” a research project commissioned by The Overkill, for their coming edition of the festival “Collective Masquerade”.

“Filters, Masks & identities” is co-curated by Aynouk Tan and Manique Hendriks.