WARP Technopolis

21:00 – 00:00


Saturday 12-09

20:00 – 22:00 – P&P Services (Vinyl DJ set)

22:00 – 23:00 – Klahrk (Live set)

23:00 – 00:00 – P&P Services

Klahrk is a London based music producer, label owner and events promoter. The founder of Ware Collective & an affiliate of Activia Benz and SFX, he has released projects spanning across many mediums. His sound blends influences from jungle, bass music, ambient, trance & house to create a unique sonic field. 


In April 2018 he released his first full length conceptual project A Future Cancelled, an EP accompanied by an Audio/Visual production. Since this release he has continued to put out music under multiple aliases, as a serial collaborator he has produced full length albums as Viscount, a group created from the core of Ware Collective consisting of Klahrk, Citytronix, Waller, Tal-bot and Otang, releasing the project Altcoin. He has also released a full length album as Quavis on Activia Benz with Roxas, which was created over the internet in a period of 18 months, culminating in a UK tour in June 2019. The third project being Klotang, a collaborative force with Otang, a release focused on fusing hardcore rhythms with hints of trance, jungle, and hard dance. 


His work has received support from publications such as DJ Mag, AQNB, Mixmag, The Fader, and artists such as Noisia, Sam Rolfes, LCY, Catnapp & Zoe Mc Pherson. He also hosts a bi-monthly radio show on Cairo-based Ma3azef Radio & hosted the Corsica Studios Radio Show on Balamii whilst it ran in 2019.

Be not afraid.

I am with you always.

I am the father, the mother, the son.

I am the incorruptible purity.