Friday 10/09
21.00 to 00.00

Jacqnoise, Loma Doom, CARO

The FemDem

Welcome to The FemDem, a community for dope females who have each other’s back in the music business. The Fem Dem dreams of more women in line-ups, speak out about it, spark conversation and try to connect people in the industry along the way. Because a line-up with more female power is an even better line-up!

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Loma Doom 
Loma Doom is the moniker of Femke Dekker, RedLightRadio resident, JaJaJaNeeNeeNee curator and half of Strange Boutique.

Jacky Noise
In her compositions, JacqNoise is looking for the spot where rhythms cross each other’s paths. She is deconstructing sounds in order to understand the symphony and the themes that are reflected in it.

During live performances, JacqNoise synchronizes with her surroundings. She finds her main source of inspiration in cultural cross-pollination. In the past years, JacqNoise has collaborated with musicians from all over the world. This is leading her curiosity to experiment and adapt new methodologies.

Lately, Jacq pioneered hardware interfaces that support algorithms and are based on chaos in order to develop noises and specify sounds.

CARO is a Dutch video artist and VJ based in Enschede. With her background in fine-art and organizing events, she aims to create visuals fitting perfectly to the vibe and concept of any party. Ultimately, CARO is known for her colorful and scientific-looking visuals.


AutopsKi AKA Kira Gordon is a DJ, promoter and producer in training hailing from Johannesburg, South Africa. This is where her passion for the underground culture of Drum & Bass and arts originates from. Since having her debut at her own co-run event MantraFestSA in 2018, she has made appearances at some of South Africa’s finest. Including, Earthdance, Kushfest, Jungle Fevah and Breaks, to name a few.

Although experimental, AutopsKi’s sets are growing to be recognizably characterized within the darker or emotive realms. Layering either heavy, techy or deep bass lines mixed with her dynamic taste in music to get you moving or thinking differently.