Thursday 09/09
21.00 to 00.00

Blaž Pavlica – Yota – Ivan Paz

Live coding in collaboration with CCU

Yota Morimoto is a Japanese composer, sound artist, and researcher born in Brazil based in the Netherlands. He holds a master’s degree in Sonology from the Royal Conservatory in The Hague and a Ph.D. in composition from the University of Birmingham UK.

His works attend to the materiality of sound and explore non-conventional approaches to generating and transmitting sonic matters. He composes for musicians, ensembles, and public spaces, presents works at musea, festivals and conferences.

Iván Paz has backgrounds in physics, music, and computer science. Iván’s work is framed in critical approaches to technology-centered around from-scratch construction as an exploratory technique. Since 2010, he has been part of the live coding community and has presented workshops, conferences, and concerts around America and Europe. He currently explores real-time feedback during the learning process while using machine learning within live coding performance.

Blaž Pavlica

Blaž Pavlica (SI/NL) is an audio-visual artist, audio engineer, DJ, and programmer from Ljubljana. Currently, he lives in Utrecht and works as a web developer. He has performed with his audio-visual improvisational collective PRSA Ensemble, at the start with audio and generative melodies, but slowly transitioned to analog video feedback techniques and lastly to generative geometry and real-time 3D rendering. He is interested in live coding in spatial sound formats and the new synthesis and effects that are possible in them.