Buy either a day ticket (valid for one day) or a festival ticket (valid all days, 9 – 12 September) for GOGBOT and trade it in for a Deep State 9 Passport at Stationsplein, Enschede. The Passport gives access to: WARP Technopolis*, Metropool and Rijksmuseum Twenthe.

* Attention: only for WARP Technopolis a timeslot reservation is required, which you choose when buying your ticket in the ticket shop. If the space is full you might need to grab a berer and wait for 10 minutes!

To enter Metropool or Rijksmuseum Twenthe, show your Deep State 9 Passport at the door. No timeslot is needed.

No Passport is needed for the expos at Stationsplein, TETEM and Oude Markt, but you will not share in the extra benefits a Deep State 9 citizenship brings. All your base are belong to us.

No corona testing needed for entrance.

Performance: Robert Henke - CBM 8032 AV

Saturday 11 September 2021, 23:00 @ Wilminktheater

Legendary computer artist Robert Henke performs his CBM 8032 AV project, a retrofuturistic audiovisual experience. Expect an exploration of the beauty of simple graphics and sound, using five Commodere computers from the early 1980’s.

No corona testing needed for entrance.


More workshops and masterclasses will be added later.

Want to dive deeper into the world of deepfakes, fake news & conspiracies? Join one of the workshops!

Workshops are freely accessible for those who have purchased a festival or day ticket for GOGBOT. Sign up here – limited space available!

GOGBOT Symposium

Saturday 11 September 2021, 14:00 – 16:30 @ Muziekcentrum Enschede

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Attention: you need to have a proof of vaccination or a valid negative corona test to access the symposium.

Four great speakers with their own views give the necessary depth to the often superficial debate about deepfake technology and fake news.

– Sex and media researcher Katrien Jacobs analyses deepfake porn from a pornographic and media historical perspective.

– Technology Law expert Rob van den Hoven van Genderen gives a positive view on deepfakes.

– Film Director Roshan Nejal talks about the realization of his revolutionary work, which utilizes deepfake technology as a way of dealing with mourning.

Wu Ming 1 talks about his book Q, which inadvertently formed the basis of the QAnon conspiracy theory.