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by: ulia Ducournau. Winner of the Golden Palm for Best Picture.

FRA, 2021, 108 min, French spoken, English subtitles

Amazing cinematographic trip by Julia Ducournau. Winner of the Golden Palm for Best Picture.

Alexia has some scars from her childhood. More precisely, a titanium plate in her head, as a memory of a car accident. Instead of fear or repulsion, cars have been a huge attraction to her ever since. The metal in her head excites her, but also makes her aggressive. After committing a series of violent crimes, she goes on the run and assumes the identity of a boy, Adrien, who has been missing for years. His father (Vincent Lindon), a troubled firefighter, lovingly greets her as his prodigal son. This is how these two lonely souls satisfy their hunger for human contact.

Director Julia Ducournau (Raw) turned the Cannes film festival upside down by winning the Palme d’Or for Best Picture with Titane. This makes her the second woman in the 74-year history of the Film Festival to win this award after Jane Campion (The Piano). Jury chairman Spike Lee (Blackkklansman) was apparently so enthusiastic about this choice that he already mentioned the winner at the start of the ceremony. “Titane is the work of a maddening visionary in complete control of her wild mind” and “One of the wildest films to ever premiere at Cannes” are just some of the reactions from the completely stunned press. In Ducournau’s own words: “For me it is a love story; a film about unconditional love and the acceptance of the other. But actually it is impossible to pitch the film. Titane is just Titane”.