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Workshop: Question urban normatives and rules and play with them


This project/workshop encourages everybody to explore and research the urban sphere in a playful way. For the days of the GOGBOT 2021 festival, everybody is asked to question usual behaviors of the city and its citizens and make pictures or videos of how they playfully behave differently in the city of Enschede.

We are highly accustomed to all these simple and well-known city rules. So let’s turn them around and make them visible in a playful and artistic way. You are asked to start right now and upload all your images and videos!


The upload form closes Saturday 11 September 00:00. For the closing event on Sunday 12 September at 17:45, we’ll be showing what happened throughout the festival days and what funny possibilities a city is offering…

What if I walk backward through the city or use the wrong direction against the flow? What’s behind that metal door on the floor? May I enter? A traffic light only works when it is visible. What happens if somebody is standing right in front of it? Will traffic flow? A roundabout always gives priority to the ones driving inside. What happens if a group of bikers does not leave the round-about and block every other car from coming inside? How long would this work?

Our urban spaces get more and more formatted and purpose-driven. Walk here, do not sit there, do not eat here, and do not play music over there. By an extensive amount of rules, commercial architecture and security measures, almost every space in our contemporary city is meant for a specific action. Unregulated city-spaces for informal actions that might make sense or even not, are hard to find these days. So what are all these rules that form our so-called public spaces? How does a city work?

Credits: Cyriak